libssh  0.9.5
The SSH library
Data Fields
ssh_session_struct Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct ssh_common_struct common
struct ssh_socket_structsocket
char * serverbanner
char * clientbanner
int protoversion
int server
int client
int openssh
uint32_t send_seq
uint32_t recv_seq
struct ssh_timestamp last_rekey_time
int connected
int alive
int flags
uint32_t extensions
ssh_string banner
char * discon_msg
ssh_buffer in_buffer
PACKET in_packet
ssh_buffer out_buffer
struct ssh_listout_queue
enum ssh_pending_call_e pending_call_state
enum ssh_session_state_e session_state
enum ssh_packet_state_e packet_state
enum ssh_dh_state_e dh_handshake_state
enum ssh_channel_request_state_e global_req_state
struct ssh_agent_state_structagent_state
struct {
   struct ssh_auth_auto_state_struct *   auto_state
   enum ssh_auth_service_state_e   service_state
   enum ssh_auth_state_e   state
   uint32_t   supported_methods
   uint32_t   current_method
int first_kex_follows_guess_wrong
ssh_buffer in_hashbuf
ssh_buffer out_hashbuf
struct ssh_crypto_structcurrent_crypto
struct ssh_crypto_structnext_crypto
struct ssh_listchannels
int maxchannel
ssh_agent agent
struct ssh_kbdint_structkbdint
struct ssh_gssapi_structgssapi
struct {
   ssh_key   rsa_key
   ssh_key   dsa_key
   ssh_key   ecdsa_key
   ssh_key   ed25519_key
   enum ssh_keytypes_e   hostkey
   enum ssh_digest_e   hostkey_digest
struct ssh_listssh_message_list
int(* ssh_message_callback )(struct ssh_session_struct *session, ssh_message msg, void *userdata)
void * ssh_message_callback_data
ssh_server_callbacks server_callbacks
void(* ssh_connection_callback )(struct ssh_session_struct *session)
struct ssh_packet_callbacks_struct default_packet_callbacks
struct ssh_listpacket_callbacks
struct ssh_socket_callbacks_struct socket_callbacks
ssh_poll_ctx default_poll_ctx
struct {
   struct ssh_list *   identity
   char *   username
   char *   host
   char *   bindaddr
   char *   sshdir
   char *   knownhosts
   char *   global_knownhosts
   char *   wanted_methods [SSH_KEX_METHODS]
   char *   pubkey_accepted_types
   char *   ProxyCommand
   char *   custombanner
   unsigned long   timeout
   unsigned long   timeout_usec
   unsigned int   port
   socket_t   fd
   int   StrictHostKeyChecking
   char   compressionlevel
   char *   gss_server_identity
   char *   gss_client_identity
   int   gss_delegate_creds
   int   flags
   int   nodelay
   bool   config_processed
   uint8_t   options_seen [SOC_MAX]
   uint64_t   rekey_data
   uint32_t   rekey_time
ssh_counter socket_counter
ssh_counter raw_counter

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