libssh  0.9.5
The SSH library
Data Fields
ssh_socket_callbacks_struct Struct Reference

#include <callbacks.h>

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Data Fields

void * userdata
ssh_callback_data data
ssh_callback_int controlflow
ssh_callback_int_int exception
ssh_callback_int_int connected

Detailed Description

These are the callbacks exported by the socket structure They are called by the socket module when a socket event appears

Field Documentation

◆ connected

ssh_callback_int_int ssh_socket_callbacks_struct::connected

This function is called when the ssh_socket_connect was used on the socket on nonblocking state, and the connection successed.

◆ controlflow

ssh_callback_int ssh_socket_callbacks_struct::controlflow

This function will be called each time a controlflow state changes, i.e. the socket is available for reading or writing.

◆ data

ssh_callback_data ssh_socket_callbacks_struct::data

This function will be called each time data appears on socket. The data not consumed will appear on the next data event.

◆ exception

ssh_callback_int_int ssh_socket_callbacks_struct::exception

This function will be called each time an exception appears on socket. An exception can be a socket problem (timeout, ...) or an end-of-file.

◆ userdata

void* ssh_socket_callbacks_struct::userdata

User-provided data. User is free to set anything he wants here

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