libssh  0.9.5
The SSH library
Data Fields
ssh_cipher_struct Struct Reference
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Data Fields

const char * name
unsigned int blocksize
enum ssh_cipher_e ciphertype
uint32_t lenfield_blocksize
size_t keylen
struct chacha20_poly1305_keyschedchacha20_schedule
unsigned int keysize
size_t tag_size
uint32_t packets
uint64_t blocks
uint64_t max_blocks
int(* set_encrypt_key )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *key, void *IV)
int(* set_decrypt_key )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *key, void *IV)
void(* encrypt )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out, size_t len)
void(* decrypt )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out, size_t len)
void(* aead_encrypt )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out, size_t len, uint8_t *mac, uint64_t seq)
int(* aead_decrypt_length )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *in, uint8_t *out, size_t len, uint64_t seq)
int(* aead_decrypt )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher, void *complete_packet, uint8_t *out, size_t encrypted_size, uint64_t seq)
void(* cleanup )(struct ssh_cipher_struct *cipher)

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