libssh  0.9.5
The SSH library
Data Fields
ssh_callbacks_struct Struct Reference

#include <callbacks.h>

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Data Fields

size_t size
void * userdata
ssh_auth_callback auth_function
ssh_log_callback log_function
void(* connect_status_function )(void *userdata, float status)
ssh_global_request_callback global_request_function
ssh_channel_open_request_x11_callback channel_open_request_x11_function
ssh_channel_open_request_auth_agent_callback channel_open_request_auth_agent_function

Detailed Description

The structure to replace libssh functions with appropriate callbacks.

Field Documentation

◆ auth_function

ssh_auth_callback ssh_callbacks_struct::auth_function

This functions will be called if e.g. a keyphrase is needed.

◆ channel_open_request_auth_agent_function

ssh_channel_open_request_auth_agent_callback ssh_callbacks_struct::channel_open_request_auth_agent_function

This function will be called when an incoming "auth-agent" request is received.

◆ channel_open_request_x11_function

ssh_channel_open_request_x11_callback ssh_callbacks_struct::channel_open_request_x11_function

This function will be called when an incoming X11 request is received.

◆ connect_status_function

void(* ssh_callbacks_struct::connect_status_function) (void *userdata, float status)

This function gets called during connection time to indicate the percentage of connection steps completed.

◆ global_request_function

ssh_global_request_callback ssh_callbacks_struct::global_request_function

This function will be called each time a global request is received.

◆ log_function

ssh_log_callback ssh_callbacks_struct::log_function

This function will be called each time a loggable event happens.

◆ size

size_t ssh_callbacks_struct::size

DON'T SET THIS use ssh_callbacks_init() instead.

◆ userdata

void* ssh_callbacks_struct::userdata

User-provided data. User is free to set anything he wants here

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