libssh  0.8.6
The SSH library
Data Fields
sftp_statvfs_struct Struct Reference

SFTP statvfs structure. More...

#include <sftp.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t f_bsize
uint64_t f_frsize
uint64_t f_blocks
uint64_t f_bfree
uint64_t f_bavail
uint64_t f_files
uint64_t f_ffree
uint64_t f_favail
uint64_t f_fsid
uint64_t f_flag
uint64_t f_namemax

Detailed Description

SFTP statvfs structure.

Field Documentation

◆ f_bavail

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_bavail

free blocks in file system

◆ f_bfree

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_bfree

number of blocks (unit f_frsize)

◆ f_blocks

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_blocks

fundamental fs block size

◆ f_favail

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_favail

free file inodes

◆ f_ffree

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_ffree

total file inodes

◆ f_files

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_files

free blocks for non-root

◆ f_flag

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_flag

file system id

◆ f_frsize

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_frsize

file system block size

◆ f_fsid

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_fsid

free file inodes for to non-root

◆ f_namemax

uint64_t sftp_statvfs_struct::f_namemax

bit mask of f_flag values

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