libssh  0.7.3
Here is a list of all modules:
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 ed25519 API
 The libssh C++ wrapperThe C++ bindings for libssh are completely embedded in a single .hpp file, and this for two reasons:
 The libssh server API
 The libssh SFTP APISFTP handling functions
 The libssh APIThe libssh library is implementing the SSH protocols and some of its extensions
 The libssh callbacksCallback which can be replaced in libssh
 The SSH authentication functions.Functions to authenticate with a server
 The SSH buffer functions.Functions to handle SSH buffers
 The SSH channel functionsFunctions that manage a SSH channel
 The SSH error functions.Functions for error handling
 The SSH logging functions.Logging functions for debugging and problem resolving
 The SSH message functionsThis file contains the message parsing utilities for client and server programs using libssh
 The SSH helper functions.Different helper functions used in the SSH Library
 The SSH Public Key InfrastructureFunctions for the creation, importation and manipulation of public and private keys in the context of the SSH protocol
 The SSH poll functions.Add a generic way to handle sockets asynchronously
 The SSH scp functionsSCP protocol over SSH functions
 The SSH session functions.Functions that manage a session
 The SSH string functionsString manipulations used in libssh
 The SSH threading functions.Threading with libssh